About Us


ChemRecs is not just about matching people to the right jobs. Because of our deep first hand insight into the chemical industry, we are able to align ourselves with your business and provide reliable advice on the deployment of labour in your business and introduce you to top talent. We take pride in understanding our candidates and helping them take the best route to achieving their career goals.


Eleonora Miccono, Recruiter

Eleonora holds a Master’s degree ‘Human resource Management (University of Turin, 2008) as well as a Diploma in Psychology (University of Turin, 2006). Eleonora has extensive hands-on professional experience in the recruitment business. She has been working as a senior recruiter for mid-large sized businesses for more than 10 years.


     Birgit Potoczki, Recruiter

Birgit holds an IHK-certificate for human resource management and is a certified trainer for human resource apprentices. Birgit brings 30 years of professional experience in various human resource areas. For the last 5 years Birgit’s key responsibilities included the recruitment of personnel for mid-large sized businesses.



             Andrea Schwarz, Managing Director

Andrea has been working for several years as a high-school teacher before she got certified as a professional recruiter in 2014.  Andrea is the Managing Director of ChemRecs. Leerzeile


    Marylin George, Recruiter

Marylin has a Bachelors degree in Engineering and is certified in Human Capital Management. She has 9 years of professional experience working in the industry as well as recruitment agencies in various HR functions. Over the last 6 years Marylin has been focusing on the recruitment of technical specialists and leaders.